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Diatone GT-M3 is one fast 3-inch FPV drone!





Diatone’s new GT-M3 FPV carbon fiber racing drone is a 3-inch quad built to go fast. The Plug-n-Fly package can be purchased with a normal X frame, a stretched X frame or a normal plus version, and they are all equipped with a rugged aluminum cage that can withstand devastating crashes. The GT-M3 is also equipped with SmartAudio, which means it’ll be easier for a pilot to change settings on the video transmitter. When YouTuber UAVfutures reviewed the Diatone GT-M3, they clocked the top speed at 97 mph! Here is their review video:

Diatone GT-M3 specs


Photo Credit: UAVFutures

According to UAVfutures’ bench breakdown video, the stretched X frame weighed 135 grams with triblade 3052 propellers and zip ties on. The normal X frame without the propellers weighed only 123 grams. The normal plus version was unavailable for review, but UAVfutures described the frame as a “crucifix version.” The normal X racing quad has a wheel base of 130mm, while the stretched X has a 143mm wheel base. Both versions are equipped with a G1 Sniper CCD sensor camera, TBS VTX, F4 32K Mic20689 32K six-axis flight tower system, Edge Racing 1408 400KV motors and F20HV 4S Dshot600 ESCs. The rated power of the GT-M3 is 1344W, while the peak power is 1548W. Diatone noted that the PNP (plug and play) version does not come with a battery, charger, receiver or remote control. For those interested in the full breakdown video, here is UAVfutures other review:

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