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A Detailed Look At The #Osmo Mobile

Derrick Threatt



As you’ve likely heard by now, DJI has added a new model to its Osmo line – the $299 US Osmo Mobile.

Instead of coming packaged with its own camera – the mobile uses the camera you already have with you: Your smartphone.

Of course, some of the latest smartphones have awesome cameras – with incredible low-light capabilities, 60 fps video, and high-resolution file sizes. But all of this goodness doesn’t make up for the low-tech end of the equation: Your arms and hands.

The reality is, there’s a limit to how steadily a human being can hold a phone – especially when that human being is in motion, trying to track the motion of another moving object or person.

And that’s where the Osmo Mobile comes in.

Using the same kind of gimbal technology already proven in its Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 lines, the Osmo Mobile lets you add stability to pretty much any sized phone. With the powerful software of the DJI GO app, you can perform an unbelievable number of functions.

In one of the best YouTube reviews of the product we’ve seen, user iPhonedo puts the Osmo Mobile through its many paces:


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