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Drone problems

When We Talk UAV pre-ordered the o2 drone back in October 2017, there was a delay in receiving the product, even after paying roughly $250 for shipping. GDU claimed there was a problem with the gimbal, so it had to fix it for safety reasons. After receiving the drone in April 2018, the quadcopter felt like it would have been a hit in 2016 or early 2017. The problem with the drone was that it simply wasn’t as good as its competition, which is the DJI Mavic series. The o2 had problems with video output, Jello effect, flight noise, locked settings and weight. Had the drone been released earlier, the GDU o2 would have drawn more sales, but that doesn’t go to say that the company doesn’t have potential in tackling the leading competition.

GDU o2


GDU needs to make more noise and inform the public about their upcoming drone releases. The company can improve their marketing and create forums for customers to discuss drone related problems.

GDU o2

GDU has to release a completely new product like Parrot’s ANAFI quadcopter. The company can still benefit by creating drones in line with trends, but defining trends with innovative products is a sure way to lead the market. GDU has shown potential with their drones, but they just have to work on timing their releases.

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