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Dear GDU!




After reviewing and comparing the long awaited GDU o2, We Talk UAV created a video to address problems with the quadcopter and the company. This video was made with hopes of future improvements to ultimately benefit the consumer and company in the long run:


When GDU was interviewed at CES in January 2017, the company believed modular drone designs were going to become a trend. GDU hoped that consumers would be interested in a quadcopter with an interchangeable camera system, but single-camera quadcopters that were simple to use became the trend.


When GDU first introduced a modular drone design, it may have been too early because sales showed consumers were more interested in foldable and travel-friendly drones. DJI has been leading in the consumer drone market, and the company has set trends with their designs, so if rumors of the DJI Phantom 5’s swappable lens system end up being true, then there may be a market for modular drone designs.

GDU o2

Screenshot from We Talk UAV’s crash test video.

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