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Daytona Beach police catches suspect with help from drone!




Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach Police Department bought the drones drones with money taken from drug dealers!

The police department also told WKMG News 6 that the five drones cost $76,000, but it was all funded by money taken from drug dealers.

Police drones

Drones have been used by other police departments from all around the world to track suspects because of their aerial advantage. Almost any consumer quadcopter can get the job done, but drones built specifically for police are equipped with advance cameras to give officers eyes in any situation, including night-time operations. Police departments using drones has been a debatable topic, but the large areas drones can easily cover and the increase of arrests because of that is undeniable.

Criminals use drones too!

Even though police departments are using drones to help make arrests, there are also criminals who have been caught using similar drones to drop illegal shipments into jails or even track areas for potential robberies. One man in Philadelphia used a drone to keep tab on which cars to break into, but he was arrested by local police on June 15, according to ABC 6.

The increase availability of drones means easier access for criminals to misuse the growing technology, but police departments can be seen as an example of how to properly use drone technology for fighting crime.

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