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Color grading tips for drone footage!




Avoid excessive color grading!

Even though color grading can be subjective, Drone Film Guide recommends to avoid too much editing. Just like writing an essay, sometimes taking a break helps a person see their work from a different perspective, so consider walking away and returning.

color grading

Too much contrast and saturation should be avoided.

Histogram, waveform and scopes

Make sure to use the histogram and different scopes as reference points to maximize color grade consistency. There are numerous video editing programs like Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve, so make sure to check scope tutorial videos for not only different programs but specific versions.


LUTS, or look up tables, are basically presets. After editing footage, LUTS can be applied for consistency, but manual color grading still gives more control.

Bonus tip: color calibrate the monitor!

Consider getting a color calibrator for the monitor. Waveform and scopes are helpful, but having a perfectly calibrated monitor is a great foundation to start off with.

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