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Three amazing ways drones are helping the world





Gathering whale mucas?

Source: Macquarie University

This is one of the more unusual uses of this rapidly progressing technology. Australian researchers found that the easy manoeuvrability and low-cost of drones made them perfect for capturing exhalations from humpback whale’s blowholes as they come to surface. Previous gathering methods involved using long poles which could put researchers and whales at risk. Drones can be waterproofed and using a flip-lid container, capture and store samples of the whale’s mucus. It allows researchers to stay at a safe distance from the giant animals, which weigh up to 80 tonnes. The collections can help scientists better monitor the health of the whales. The same techniques can be used on other sea-faring mammals such as dolphins.

There are justified reasons for people to be wary of the negative applications for drone technology. If anything, the above examples show that this emerging technology has the capacity to be used for both positive or negative purposes.

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