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Three amazing ways drones are helping the world





UAVs are playing an increasingly important role in many realms of life. From delivering packages to capturing amazing HD footage from incredible viewpoints- drones are creating new possibilities in all sorts of areas.

Society, however, does not always view drones in a positive light. Many people associate UAVs with surveillance, breaches of privacy or as killing machines – reigning terror down on people in various conflicts around the globe.

What many people may not know, is that drones are being used in unique and often ingenious ways to create a positive impact on the globe. Below we’ve highlighted several interesting examples.

Positive ways drones are helping the world

Planting trees:

A tree planting drone in action.

The speed and precision of drones make them a good tool for planting trees. While a famer or individual working at a frantic pace may be able to plant several thousand seedlings a day, a drone can do ten times that amount. In areas that have been deforested, companies are using drones to help bring the trees back. First, an initial drone will fly over and map the topography. An algorythm then decides the best locations to plant seeds as well as which type of tree will most successfully there. Then a troupe of drones flying at a low altitude firing nutrient-filled “seed pods” at high-speed, fast enough to penetrate the soil. While this technique will not totally replace planting trees by hand, the speed and efficiency of drones will greatly help the world grow more trees in areas that sorely need them.

Disaster and humanitarian relief

Credit: UNICEF

Organisation like UNICEF are investigating ways that drones can be used in humanitarian response. Their relatively low cost, ability to fly hight and capture high-quality images can be very effective in chaotic situations. They can help authorities analse damage following natural disasters and spot survivors using technologies such as thermal imaging. In Africa, they’ve been used to deliver aid packages and medical supplies. During dramatic weather events they’ve been employed to monitor the progression of hurricanes or typhoons, allowing authorities to warn people earlier than they might otherwise be able to.

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