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Create A Moving Picture With This Cinemagraph Tutorial




You may have seen a new trend happening on sites like Facebook where photographs are partially animated. These types of photographs are called cinemagraphs, and they consists of a still photo with a certain area moving like it’s in a looped video. Some cinemagraph apps can add motion to your photos for a few dollars, but We Talk UAV is here to show you how to convert your drone video footage into a cinemagraph photo for free by using Adobe Photoshop!

Cinemagraph Step By Step Tutorial

First, you have to pick a 2 to 3 second video clip where your drone shot is as still as possible. Then you have to make sure that there is some background movement. Once that’s done, color grade your footage before proceeding to the next steps.

Cinemagraph Tutorial

Once you’re finished editing and trimming your video, click on the loop playback option. To make the editing process easier, use the zoom option on the bottom of the screen.

Cinemagraph Tutorial

Click on Video Group 1 copy on the bottom right side of the screen and click on duplicate layer.

Cinemagraph Tutorial

Take the new video and place it at the end of the first video.

Cinemagraph tutorial

Drag or extend the bottom clip about halfway towards the first video to blend the two videos.

Cinemagraph Tutorial

Cut the end of the bottom clip to match the length of the first video with the second video.

Plotograph tutorial

Go to Video Group 1 copy on the left side and click on the arrow.

Cinemagraph Tutorial

Find the start of the bottom clip and press the opacity stopwatch icon. If you did this right, a yellow diamond icon will popup. Go to the halfway mark of the bottom clip and press the opacity stopwatch icon again and reduce the opacity level to 0%. Then drag that 0% opacity diamond icon to the end of the video. Click on the Video Group 1 copy arrow again to minimize it. After doing these steps, you’ll be able to preview what the cinemagraph will look like.

cinemagraph tutorial

Cinemagraph Masking and Exporting

To mask out the part that you don’t need, create a new layer (command + alt + shift + e) and shorten the clip to match the ends of the first two clips.

Cinemagraph Tutorial

Make sure you clicked on Layer 2 then hit add mask to mask the areas you are looking to animate. In this case, We Talk UAV masked the water.

Cinemagraph tutorial

Go to export, save it as a GIF, click on Forever in the looping options and enjoy your new Cinemagraph!

Cinemagraph Tutorial

We Talk UAV is here to serve the drone community with the latest UAV news updates and drone tutorials. If you have any question regarding your next drone purchase, make sure to check out our best drones list and subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel to show us what cinemagraphs you created!


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