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China uses “Dove” drones for surveillance!




More than 30 military and government agencies in China have been using drones that look and fly just like a dove for surveillance purposes, reported South China Morning Post. The dove drone is designed to mimic a bird’s flight patterns, making it difficult to spot when flying with actual birds. Footage of a similar bird-like drone was uploaded on YouTube back in 2011, but current dove drones have been upgraded with cameras that can take HD pictures or videos, and they even have GPS for precise flights. These spy drones blend in with other birds, and they’re being used to keep an eye on people.

Why use spy drones?

The spy technology has been used specifically in the far western region of China called Xinjiang Uygur. Beijing is concerned about a large Muslim population that might separate from China, according to South China Morning Post. Besides border patrol, the dove drone has been deployed for environmental protection and land planning.

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