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This Baby Carrying Drone is Terrifying!




baby carrying drone

Drones have helped make a change by delivering packages, planting tree seeds and even transporting medical samples, but this baby carrying drone is anything but helpful. YouTuber Simone Giertz came up with the idea of carrying a baby via drone. By simply strapping a harness to the legs of a DJI Phantom 2, Giertz figured she could ease the load of motherhood. Moms must protect their child at all times, but this drone that can carry a baby is just terrifying!

Unlike those cartoon birds who delivered newborns, this baby carrying drone obviously ends up in a disaster. The DJI Phantom 2 may have been one of the best drones back in its day, but it’s not built to carry a human. Soon after the first test, Giertz switched the life-like baby to a baby that weighed a lot less. To her credit, she did manage to get the drone to fly with a small baby payload from Amazon.

baby carrying drone

Baby Carrying Drone Flight

Once the heavier baby was replaced with one that weighed a lot less, then it made the drone flight possible. The smaller baby effortless flew for a while, but it still dropped out of the sky at least once in the video. By using the smaller baby, Giertz represented a newborn that would only be a few days old. Babies are generally delicate, but newborn babies are even more fragile. For those that are thinking that this might actually be a good idea, it’s not a good idea!

baby carrying drone

Simone Giertz

Giertz is a Swedish inventor and a Youtuber. She became famous for being the “Queen of Crappy Robots.” That’s not the official title, but that is the network friendly title, according to Stephen Colbert. She has a history of making robots that are functional yet basically useless. She is a self-taught robot maker who also tried cutting hair with a drone. Just like the baby carrying drone, the hair cutting drone fell to the floor.

Giertz has earned a reputation for making semi-functional robots which end up being practically useless. Her constant effort to use future technology to help with everyday chores is widely considered as comedy. She has built a YouTube career out of it and even created a popcorn machine with Mythbusters’ Adam Savage. The machines she built are created to be funny on purpose! For those who want to share a laugh with their kids, then make sure to check out her child-friendly channel. Giertz’s ideas may be terrifying, but there’s still a possibility that they could inspire tomorrow’s greatest inventions, but this baby carrying drone is clearly not one of them.


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