Popular Drone Videos

Popular Drone Videos

For many photographers and videographers, a dependable drone or UAV has become as important as his or her camera. This technology makes it possible to take photos or videos from places and angles that otherwise would be impossible. Few things on the Internet today are as thrilling and visually exciting as some of the epic drone videos shared by UAV enthusiasts, photographers and videographers.

On this page, WeTalkUAV collects some of the best new drone videos on the Internet, providing you with raw thrills as well as potential inspiration for how you can make the most of your own UAV videos. We feature content from some of the most skilled and most adventurous drone operators out there, working with the latest in drone technology.

You’ll find more than in-the-air content here, however. This page also features numerous videos that can teach you more about drones, including how-to drone videos, video reviews of new drones, and videos comparing drone models. We get down into the details and bring an unbiased viewpoint to the industry that can help you make important decisions when it comes to comparing drones, buying drones or accessories, or even using your drone for purposes you had not imagined.

Whether you’re looking for an example of what a skilled drone operator can accomplish with a camera, or the information you need to make your next drone purchase, WeTalkUAV collects all of the video content you’re looking for right here. See hands-on demonstrations of the newest models as well as sneak peeks of technology that’s soon to hit the market. Watch interviews with industry leaders discussing the most important issues for drone and UAV owners, and get tips for improving the enjoyment you get from your UAVs.

No matter what type of drone videos you’re looking for, WeTalkUAV has them. Take a look around and see for yourself.


Russian Arms Manufacturer Created a Hoverbike

Kalashnikov Concern, the largest arms manufacturer in Russia, recently released a YouTube video of a man flying a hoverbike on September 25, 2017. A pilot flew...
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Tips for Making Professional Drone Shots

Properly controlling a drone while shooting a video makes a night and difference in the end result. Aerial videos with twitchy movements can be a...
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Watch: FPV Flight Above, Inside and Under Moving Train

There's no denying it: FPV flight is as close as we're going to get to the real thing. We all dream of being up...
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This Baby Carrying Drone is Terrifying!

Drones have helped make a change by delivering packages, planting tree seeds and even transporting medical samples, but this baby carrying drone is anything but...
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Medical Drone Sets New 161 Mile Delivery Record!

A UAV set a new delivery record for medical drones with a 161 mile flight across Arizona’s desert. The custom UAV carried several human blood samples...