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Our Mission is to rise above the white noise of the internet – to cut through the clamor of drone “experts” vying for your attention. Quite simply, we want to become known as the most reliable and trustworthy source for online drone news and reviews. That’s a bold promise. And, we know, it will take hard work. But we are up for the task. Our small but committed team is comprised of award-winning tech journalists with a passion for flying robots. We are pilots, builders, and consumers. We have learned, through trial and error, what makes a good drone and what does not. We know what criteria to test – and we will not be “bought.” And while we haven’t met you yet, we have a pretty good idea of who you are. You, like us, are fascinated by this rapidly evolving space. You are looking for clarity, transparency and neutrality. You want a single source that will help you make buying decisions – or simply provide you with an informative read.

DJI Arena

A DJI Arena is Opening in Japan!

DJI has plans to open a 5,759 square foot drone arena on Saturday, October 21, in Tokyo, Japan, according to DJI News. This will...
Bentley drone

Bentley Drone is a Futuristic Concept of Sci-Fi Vehicle

We all know Bentley,  British luxury cars manufacturer. This concept is bringing a complete new level of luxury to the air, that is why...

DJI Comments on Drone Collision in Canada, Quebec

The world's leading drone manufacturing DJI, has released a statement about the recently reported drone collision with the passenger jet in Quebec.  The statement mentions...

Hoversurf Drone Motorcycle Hits Dubai!

A Hoversurf drone bike was unveiled at Gitex 2017, Dubai’s annual consumer computer and electronics trade show. Hoversurf, a Russian based drone company, teamed...

32 Hours Flight Time with Aerovel Flexrotor Drone

What kind of drones do we usually see? Well, consumer class UAVs are probably the most common and wide-spread, and as you might already...