Drone Articles

Drone Articles

If you have rocketed along for the ride with a racing drone, then you fully understand the thrill of using first-person-view (FPV) technology. A physics-minded drone enthusiast might be more fascinated with a fixed-wing model, with its coverage capabilities and wind-resistant characteristics.

No matter which drone platform most intrigues you — including single-rotor, multi-rotor and micro drones as well — WeTalkUAV presents drone articles that feature the latest news and product reviews.

The latest drone news includes articles that will inform you about the features and capabilities of various models and platforms. FPV drone articles may cover camera capabilities, for instance. You also may find information about product specifications — e.g., regarding hover precision and velocity range — among our up-to-date drone articles.
To filter our collection of articles by the platform you prefer, just click on one of the tabs. Read just multi-rotor articles, or only pieces specific to your favorite other platform. We are home to hundreds of articles about how unmanned aerial vehicles fare in tests, plus articles about pricing strategies and upgrades, and more.

WeTalkUAV is on a mission to be your source for unbiased UAV news and comprehensive product reviews. We want you to enjoy reading these articles as much as you enjoy operating your drone.

drone racing league simulator and tryouts

Drone Racing League Launches 2018 Tryouts & Simulator

The Drone Racing League has today launched the DRL Simulator and the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts - both with the aim of finding the next...

White Mavic Pro – DJI Keeps Playing With Colors

DJI has released a new, limited edition White Mavic Pro, which is (you won't believe it) absolutely identical with the initial grey Mavic Pro. Yes,...
drone hammer

Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor’s Mjolnir

The movie Thor: Ragnarok has inspired YouTubers Friggin Boom Toys and Sufficiently Advanced to recreate Thor’s flying hammer with help from a drone. The...
honduras coach drone espionage

Honduras Soccer Team Accuses Australia of Drone Espionage

Plenty of pilots have got in trouble before for flying over sporting events. But we can't think of many examples where team coaches have gone...
police drones for search and rescue

Search and Rescue Police Drone Finds Woman With Dementia

An elderly North Carolina resident with dementia went missing earlier this week, only to be found by a police officer with a drone in...