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Casey Neistat uses hacked GoPro quadcopter to film studio tour video!




Oakes also provided a tutorial video on how to exactly open a GoPro Hero4 and install it into a $120 FPV quadcopter:

Why use a hacked GoPro quadcopter?

In Neistat’s “THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!” video, the YouTuber said the hacked quadcopter was used for its point of view.

Dronework’s Justin Oakes piloted the hacked quadcopter.

“A POV that flies through the space and wanders through it. I want it to feel magical, said Neistat.


Since the 368 Hummingbird drone weighed under 255 grams, it didn’t have to be registered with the FAA.

The final drone footage was color corrected, stabilized and edited.

Droneworks + Casey Neistat

Droneworks has helped Neistat create some of his most viral videos. Ever since Dronework’s custom drone was used to lift and tow a snowboarding Neistat through Santa’s Village in Finland, Neistat has featured the company in his other videos.

Screenshot from Neistat’s “SURF NEW YORK CITY” video.

Using a GoPro on an FPV quadcopter has actually been done before by other drone pilots. The 368 Hummingbird drone is certainly not the first quadcopter of its kind, but Droneworks uploaded a tutorial video so that anyone could learn to create a similar drone for epic drone videos.

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