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Casey Neistat uses hacked GoPro quadcopter to film studio tour video!




YouTuber Casey Neistat and Droneworks collaborated to film a studio tour video with a hacked GoPro quadcopter. The mini-quadcopter was mounted with a gutted GoPro Hero4 Black for its high-quality video and small form factor. The drone’s ability to zig-zag through bikes and windows gave a unique perspective into Neistat’s studio:

Some of the footage could have been shot using a gimbal like the DJI Ronin-S, but the mini-quadcopter proved its uniqueness when it flew under tables and over doorways.

The mini-quadcopter was nicknamed the 368 Hummingbird drone. The number represents Neistat’s project called “368,” while hummingbird represents the quadcopter’s size.

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