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Casey Neistat uses drone to surf Hudson River!




“This carries a cinema camera, so it carries 25 pounds, but that’s at hover. At full throttle, we’re thinking it’ll do about 40 to 50 pounds,” said Justin Oakes, co-owner of Droneworks Studios. “But it’s not designed to full throttle for like minutes.”

Since the cinema drone is designed to only carry 25 pounds, Droneworks Studios first pulled Neistat with a boat. Once the YouTuber gained momentum from the pull of the boat, Neistat switched grips and grabbed onto the cinema drone’s tow rope.

Screenshot from Neistat’s video shows the YouTuber getting ready to let go of the boat’s tow rope.

Neistat used custom foot straps made out of Canon 70D neck straps.

Neistat’s video released on July 3, but the YouTuber posted a picture of him surfing New York on July 4.

Screenshot from Neistat’s Instagram.

Behind the scenes video of Neistat’s New York surf

Droneworks Studios also has a YouTube channel, and they uploaded a behind the scenes video:

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