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Casey Neistat uses drone to surf Hudson River!




Casey Neistat and Droneworks Studios collaborated to create a summer themed video, which shows footage of the YouTuber surfing down the Hudson River while getting towed by a drone. Neistat previously teamed with Droneworks Studios in December 2016 for the Human Flying Drone video, but now the duo used a boat and cinema drone to film Neistat’s latest video called Surf New York City:

With a remix of Frank Sinatra’s song called New York, New York playing in the background, Neistat and YouTuber Dan Mace starts the video by running into the Hudson River with surfboards. Seconds later, the two YouTubers are seen wakeboarding with surfboards.

What drone did they use to tow Neistat, and how did they pull it off?

Instead of using a drone capable of lifting a full-grown adult, Droneworks Studios used a neat trick to pull Neistat with a cinema drone.

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