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Cargo drones are the future of cargo delivery




cargo drone

Product delivery has been a major improvement in the distribution industry, mostly to the advantage of those that shop online. Delivering of packages by different companies requires transportation in which technology has sort to make easier. This bring about the introduction of cargo drones.

Cargo drones are drones built not just to carry cameras but to carry packages like diapers, pizza and others. Most companies has adopted the use of these cargo drones. They include; Amazon UPS and DHL.

The Boeing Company has made impressive efforts in constructing of cargo drones. A huge autonomous drone that can carry the weight of two baby elephants has been unveiled by Boeing. The heavy-duty quadrocopter can transport payloads up to quarter-of-a-ton, and Boeing says it may use the drone to shift heavy cargo in future.

cargo drone

In the first week of January, the aerospace giant revealed a prototype for an electric, unmanned cargo air vehicle that it says could haul as much as 500 pounds that’s 400 large Domino’s pizzas or 11,291 newborn-sized diapers as far as 20 miles. But this big buzzer isn’t going to your house.

A team of 50 engineers spent three months building what looks like a car-sized Erector Set, fitted with eight spinning blades (each six feet from tip to tip), and weighing in at an auspicious 747 pounds. It navigates and looks for obstacles using components and software provided by Near Earth Autonomy, a Pittsburgh-based company in which HorizonX invests.

Now that the drone has completed its initial round of testing, done indoors at Boeing’s autonomous systems lab in Missouri, the team can start building up its skills. This first prototype can fly for about 15 minutes and carry 150 pounds, but Kunz and his team are confident they’ll reach that 250-500 pound capability before long. They predict it will fly between 60 and 70 mph and as high as a few hundred feet, plenty fast and high to do short hop deliveries.

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