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Captain Drone compares precision landing on Autel EVO, DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Parrot ANAFI!




Parrot ANAFI

Unlike DJI drones, the ANAFI returned to home without turning around. It also descended fast by itself once it was near home point, and then it went up a little and hovered until Captain Drone pressed the takeoff button to complete the landing. The ANAFI ended up landing a few inches outside of the launch pad.

Autel Evo

Once return to home was initiated on the Autel Evo, it spun around like a DJI drone, but the horizon ended up slightly tilted. It descended nice and slow, and it did something unique: The Autel Evo adjusted itself midair, while descending. After moving back and forth while landing on the launch pad, it finally landed close to where it exactly launched from.


Captain Drone’s test concluded the Autel Evo and the original DJI Mavic Pro as the winners. The DJI Mavic Air and the Parrot ANAFI still did remarkable well for landing near the home point, but the other drones were more precise.

The Autel Evo’s self-adjusting descent while returning to home surprised Captain Drone, but so did the accuracy of the 2016 DJI Mavic.

Consider getting a launch pad with a matte finish because launch pads with reflective surfaces can affect a drone’s landing.

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