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Captain Drone compares precision landing on Autel EVO, DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Air and Parrot ANAFI!




YouTuber Captain Drone created a video that compares the precision landing of DJI drones against the Autel Evo and the Parrot Anafi. To see how accurate the drones landed after returning to home, watch Captain Drone’s comparison video:

Test procedures

All four drones started in the middle of the launch pad and flew about 492 feet out and 66 feet high before return to home was initiated. Don’t forget to like Captain Drone’s video and consider subscribing!

DJI Mavic Pro

Once return to home was initiated on the Mavic Pro, it turned around and flew towards home point. The drone descended steadily and landed nearly the same exact spot that it first launched from. For a drone that was released in 2016, its precision landing is still one of the best out there.

DJI Mavic Air

Compared to its older brother, the Mavic Air descended a lot faster when it returned to home. The drone stopped once it was about two feet from the landing pad. Captain Drone’s app said “not suitable for landing,” so he had to manually land the drone. Once the drone was forced down from its hovered state, it still landed within the boundaries of the launch pad. Even though Captain drone followed the same flight path as his first drone test, the reflection from the sun might have affected the Mavic Air’s sensor when it attempted to land on the shiny surface of the launch pad.

In Captain Drone’s test, DJI’s newest Mavic model landed about eight inches away from its launch point.

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