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Canon Drone Is Made Of DJI Parts By ProDrone




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Just yesterday Canon has released a new drone for industrial applications. And as many of you already know Canon has been making cameras for a few decades now and in 2014 it was a largest interchangeable lens camera manufacturer in the world. But drones is completely another story, even such a great camera maker as GoPro managed to fail on a drone market.

The release of Canon drone became a surprise for everyone in the digital camera and consumer UAV communities.

another canon drone

Today, scrolling through the pictures I have figured out that I’ve seen the pattern of Canon drone’s propellers with that line. So I started digging and very soon I found this:

canon drone propellers

Yes, I’m not just talking about DJI Propellers, but also motors and ESCs.  DJI actually sells this propulsion kit called e2000 for $400 per one.  And this actually explains the code-like name of the Canon Drone PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1: 

  • PD6 means ProDrone with 6 rotors
  • E2000 means it’s using E2000 propulsion system
  • AW means All-Weather, so the drone is weather proof
  • Still don’t understand what does the CJ1 Means…

But why ProDrone is using DJI hardware? I found an answer at their official website. DJI Japan President and the CEO of ProDrone have signed a comprehensive business contact for commercial drones production on 6th July 2015.

prodrone president ceo

Left: PRODRONE Executive Officer Kiyokazu Masaki; center: PRODRONE President and CEO Masakazu Kono; right: DJI JAPAN President and CEO Tao Wu

BTW, notice that the drone is using DJI flight controller (probably A2) and Canon C300 mounted on a Ronin. So apparently all this Canon drone business has been started 2 years ago.  It also looks like the drone that Canon announced yesterday is based on their earlier model PD6-AW.

Prodrone PD6 AW

So here we got a Canon Drone (PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1) Specs:

Canon drone specs

Is Canon A Competitor For DJI?

-No, at least not yet.  It’s just a business chain that goes from DJI to ProDrone and from ProDrone to Canon. We are still waiting for other camera manufacturers like Sony, Fujifilm, and Nikon to step into the drone game…

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