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Canon Drone Is Here And It Has A Full Frame Camera On Board




canon drone banner

It’s just another usual day of April 5th and if somebody told you that the new drone will be released today, what drone you think would it be? I could have expected some kind of new gimmicky selfie drone from kickstarter or maybe a rumored DJI Spark.

But that is not the case today.

Brand new Canon drone hit the market on April 5th. Canon has been in the camera business for almost 80 years, but it’s new to drones and it’s very interesting to see what kind of Drone+Camera combo Canon will produce.

Canon me20f-sh

Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera

New Canon drone will be featuring a ME20F-SH high sensitivity camera, and by high sensitivity they mean ISO that can go all the way up to ISO 4 560 000!

 Canon Drone and ME20F-SH night

Shot taken with new Canon Drone and ME20F-SH at night


Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera captures video at up to 1920 x 1080p 60 and supports both NTSC and PAL broadcast frame rates. The camera incorporates a full frame 35mm-sized sensor with approximately 2.26 million pixels. This results in a pixel that is about 7.5 x larger than the pixels on optional Canon Full-frame DSLR cameras, which provides for camera’s notable ISO rating.

Mainly the Canon Drone will be oriented on a search and rescue market due to its incredible ability to see at night. Japanese domestic drone market is projected to reach a market size of 211.6 billion yen by 2022, so Canon believes in the drone making perspectives.

Canon UAV

We don’t have much information about the drone itself except the fact that it’s a hexacopter with 6 rotors that has an “easy to remember” name PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1.

Canon drone

Canon will be releasing more info about this drone on a Video Transmission Expo in Tokyo. We are not sure about the price for the full kit but only camera will cost you $19 999 USD.

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