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New Drone Rules Take Effect In Canada




new drone rules regulations

New drone rules in Canada take immediate effect. Canada has viewed the safety of its citizens as a priority against the rising aerial threat. With high concern for the safety of airplanes, buildings, properties, and people, Federal Minister Marc Garneau announced new restrictions on all recreational drones weighing more than 250 grams.

The New Drone Rules In Canada:

no drone zone drones interditsDrones are now not allowed to be flown within 9 kilometers or about 5.59 miles from any airports, heliports, seaplane bases, and forest fires. Any interference with the Canadian police is strictly prohibited. The new maximum height is now set at 90 meters or about 295 feet. 75 meters or about 246 feet is now the minimum distance a drone has to be from any building, person, or vehicle.  A drone has to be within 500 meters or about 1640 feet from the pilot. The drone also has to be within line of sight. Recreational drone flights in Toronto and Vancouver are now not allowed. Night flights and cloud flights are not allowed. These new drone rules do not apply to professionally licensed operators.

What Is The Argument?

Plane safety is a great concern since drones pose a high risk. A drone has potential to cause harm if it gets lodged in a jet’s engine. Marc Garneau announced, “We’ve had too many incidences of drones landing near people, landing on cars,…they pose a hazard.”

New drone rules

What Else Is Required?

The pilot’s name and contact information are required on the drone.

What Happens If You Don’t Comply?

Lawbreakers can expect a fine of up to $3000!

How Will This Affect Other Countries?

Since Canada based a majority of their new restrictions on a number of close airline reports from both the US and Canada, the U.S. may adopt a similar restriction if mishaps continue to build. Canada took the initiative and set the standard for drone restrictions on a higher level. Hopefully, the United States doesn’t copy their neighbor on these matters since some may view these new restrictions as a little extreme. If decreases in drone-related incidences are reported in Canada, this can ultimately affect the world’s view on drones, and further regulations may be imminent on a global scale.

canada flagIncoming Drone Rules?

Canada also has plans for additional drone regulations in June of this year. Further restrictions may ultimately limit recreational drones, so professional drone operators might be on the rise.

These new rules were announced as a safety precaution, but is it a step towards a ban on recreational drones for other major Canadian cities?


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