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California police departments stock up on ‘drone killer’ devices




$30,000 each is a lot! Do police really need them?

These devices really come in handy during emergencies. In recent years authorities have spoken out about how terrorists might use consumer drones laden with explosives to launch an attack on the public. Thankfully, at the time of writing those type of incidents have been rare. Police do, however, need a way of taking care of business when the pressure is on. Sure – they could fire off a couple of rounds from their sidearm in an attempt to bring them down but hey, drones move fast and you don’t want one of those bullets accidentally landing in some innocent bystanders chest. Other solution include net guns or drone-catching drones.

These devices have already proved their effectiveness in a number of emergency situations. They were used to keep airspace clear when there were fires burning in California. Some people were flying drones in the area and helicopters which were deployed to douse the flames were unable to get close to the fires and put them out. Armed with one of these devices, police can aim and shoot from distances of up to 400 metres away, clearing room for the copters to come in and put out the fires. Great stuff!

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