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Buying Drones At The Apple Store – Pros And Cons




Apple Store Third Street Promenade

Buying drones at the Apple store can be a convenient way to check off your tech shopping list at a single location. The computer, tablet, and phone giant offers more than just Apple brand products.

They have branched their sales into other trendy electronics such as drones. Quadcopters may feel a bit out of place for a store like Apple, but rest assured that there are definitely some pros with an Apple purchase, especially since they also sell exclusive drones.

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What Drones Are Available At The Apple Store?

Surprisingly, Apple sells numerous drones. If you haven’t seen their drone section, which is usually located on one of their walls towards the back, then take another look before you buy your next drone elsewhere. Do note that they also offer their drone sales and availability checks online. Apple recently signed a deal with Zero Zero Robotics. Now, they are selling the brand new Hover Drone.

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Historically, Apple has linked up with other tech companies such as DJI and Parrot to offer their customers with some exclusive deals. If anyone else is interested, then check out Apple’s color exclusive Swing and Flypad Minidrone by Parrot.

If you are looking for a DJI product, or even the GoPro Karma, then Apple might actually be a great place to consider. Apple also offers different drone accessories. If your propeller is broken, or you need an extra battery, then you can pick one up at their nearest location.

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What’s The Drawback In Making A Drone Purchase At Apple?

One of the most obvious drawbacks is the price. Sometimes, other drone companies like DJI sell their drones at a holiday special price on their direct site. Now, this may be around the season of Christmas, but buying drones at the Apple store can sometimes be more expensive. One site that beats Apple in price is B&H Photo Video. Depending on where you live, B&H offers free shipping and NO TAX! Apple certainly has a great stock for the average consumer, but they usually only offer their drones at the MSRP price.

The White Color is an Apple Exclusive

Buying Drones At The Apple Store Can Also Be Smart!

What’s the point in buying a drone with tax if you can get it slightly cheaper elsewhere? Well, the customer service and return policy is excellent at Apple. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, then Apple honors returns within 14 days even if your drone is already open. Apple sells beginner drones to quadcopters that are priced less than $2000, but their return policy grants customers the room to experiment with the best setup, provided that the returns are in like-new condition.

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Some drones may not be for everyone, and if someone is interested in the latest trend, like the Hover Drone, then one can actually buy it, test it, and return it if they so wish to. Also, Apple has plans to demo the latest Hover Drone in-store, so be sure to check that out in person before jumping on the bandwagon. Depending on where you live, Apple stores may be more convenient. Pickups and online deliveries are always an option.

Other Options…

If you can wait it out, or you want to save some extra money, then check out other places like B&H to see if you qualify for a tax-free drone purchase. Some RC shops price match other stores, so ask and shop around. Besides the average price, Apple still shines with a great selection for the average consumer. Next time you go shopping at Apple, make sure to check out their drones because they usually offer some high-demand quadcopters and Apple only exclusives. Plus, they are one of the only few stores for locals that guarantee a 14-day return! Take Apple into serious consideration if you have any doubt with your next drone investment.


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