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Burning trash and herding cows – unique ways drone are being used you may not have heard of




Drones to spread free internet to the developing world?

For the past few years giant tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have been investigating ways to distribute free internet to parts of the globe that currently face access issues. Facebook have been developing a drone called Aquila, a solar-powered, 1000lb craft with a wingspan wider than a Boeing 737.

Facebook’s solar-powered Aquila drone. Credit: Facebook

Facebook eventually hopes to use this drone to broadcast free internet to billions of people and hoover up all of their data too!

Herding animals

Drones rounding up cattle in Australia

Drones are being trialled by farmers in different countries to round up their livestock. In much the same way as a dog does, a drone can fly close to animals and be manoeuvred in such a way they eventually run away.

Cows and sheep do not naturally feel the same fear of a drone as of a dog and so the farm animals require a little more coaching than the usual method. However, the ability of farmers to view their entire herd from up high and the cost-effectiveness of their use may make them an attractive long-term solution for stock control.

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