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Burning trash and herding cows – unique ways drone are being used you may not have heard of




By now, practically everyone knows that drones can be used to shoot amazing videos or deliver goods from one spot to another.

But what about some of the more unusual ways drones are being employed around the globe?

Weird, unique and intersting drones applications

China – Flamethrowing drones burn trash off powerlines

In Xiangang, China, when a flying piece of trash lands on one on their enormous powerlines and threatens to cause an outage, they don’t have time to mess around. Rather than getting someone in a Cherry Picker to rise up there and pick it off, they send in heavy artilery: fire-spewing drones.


Electric company maintenance workers control the drone from the ground and shoot short bursts of flame to sizzle any debris sitting atop the high-volate wire but manage to do so without burning through the lines. Clever but perhaps a little scary.

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