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Budweiser launches 2018 FIFA World Cup ad featuring drones delivering beers




While the other drones were making deliveries in different cities, the solo drone trailed behind and damaged one of its motors from a lightning strike. As the other drones made their final deliveries in Moscow, the last drone took any means necessary to get to the FIFA World Cup stadium, so it boarded a bus with its compromised motor. The solo drone struggled getting into the soccer stadium, but it finally found its target: a lady without a beer. Once all the beers were delivered, the drones converged in the air and formed a Budweiser logo. The drone light show was cheered on by the attendants, and the ad ends with its campaign phrase: “Light Up the FIFA World Cup.”



2018 FIFA World Cup is estimated to be watched by billions!

According to Adweek, Budweiser’s VP Global Marketer Brian Perkins said, “This football World Cup is estimated to be the most watched event in the history of the human race, reaching billions of people.”


Drone deliveries are real

Even though the drones depicted in the Budweiser ad is far from what similar-sized drones today are capable of doing, there are already drones being tested to make package runs and even food and medical supply deliveries. Companies like Uber, FedEX and CNN were recently approved to participate in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program, so a huge change in how drones are used in everyday society is on its way. Since alcohol is age restricted, beer deliveries is a whole nother topic, but packaged deliveries by drone is an actual work in progress.

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