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Budweiser launches 2018 FIFA World Cup ad featuring drones delivering beers




With the 2018 FIFA World Cup scheduled to start in Russia on June 14, sponsor and beer maker Budwesier launched an ad showing swarms of beer-carrying drones deliver brewskies to people while travelling through different countries. The ad was made in part of Budweiser’s global campaign, which is called “Light up The FIFA World Cup.”

The ad starts by showing Budwesier as the official beer of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Then the drones, which heavily resembles a DJI Inspire 2, each carried beer in the form of a bottle or a keg from the factory in St. Louis, USA, to their target in Moscow, Russia. One of the drones missed its beer package, so it went back to the factory to get a bottle as the rest of the drones swarmed away like a flock of birds. The following scenes showed the drones zig-zagging through snowy mountains, forests and cities like Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, London and Lagos.



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