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BREAKING: DJI Release Event 2015-10-08? What is it? Rumors?

Derrick Threatt



DJI released another teaser today called “Redefining Creativity.”

From my analysis of the video and the message that it conveys it seems to me that DJI is either going to finally release the handheld gimbal and or and action cam of their own to compete with the GoPro Hero.

DJI Gimbal Redefining Creativity Back in 2014 DJI showed off their amazing handheld gimbal at CES attach to the X3 camera system but since that time nothing has ever been heard from about this handheld gimbal system.

I for sure have been waiting for this handheld gimbal because I am tired of holding my DJI Inspire like it is a gimbal and running around with it poking people with the outstretched blades.  While it works in a pinch the gimbal will surely be a much more elegant solution.

DJI Inspire 1 Camera Mount

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