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This Bladeless Drones Eliminates Buzzing Noise!




bladeless drone

The bladeless drone is exactly what it sounds like. This next generation concept UAV operates on four bladeless “propellers.” Even though it looks like a tricopter, this new drone has a main air duct which acts as a propeller in the middle of its body and three other propellers for controlling the direction. This may seem something out of a sci-fi movie, but this UAV has actually won an international award for its concept design called the Red Dot Award. The bladeless drone may be far from actual production, but here is a sneak peek video of future drone technology:

How Does It Fly?

Its one of kind aerodynamic design is shaped after modern airplanes, yet this futuristic drone flies like no other UAV! Its main body features a large air duct for taking off and landing. Yanko Design explained that the drone utilizes air by channeling it “through internal ducts and blades, forcing it through small vents generating downward flow to create lift.” The other three propellers function similarly to future multidirectional drones since they can rotate 20 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. The smaller propellers also have another function for drone takeoffs; they suck in air from four intake valves and channel it to help accelerate the drone off the ground. While the drone is flying, the three smaller propellers are designed to generate a downward flow from the headwind.

bladeless drone

Bladeless Drone AKA Dyson Of Drones

This UAV was created to eliminate traditional propeller blades and drone noise. Reducing the noise levels on drones is always a plus for communities concerned with a drone’s buzzing noise, especially since NASA just conducted a study which proved that people found drones to be more annoying than cars.

bladeless drone design

Who Designed The Bladeless Drone?

The bladeless drone was designed by a man named Edgar Herrera, and it was featured in a magazine for international product designs called Yanko Design.

reddot bladeless drone


This UAV is still in the design stage, so it’ll take some time to implement a camera. The weight distribution will drastically change with more electronics installed, so this bladeless drone design will inevitably change over time.

Bladeless Drone Reddot

Reinventing the drone is always going to be a challenge. Eliminating the buzzing noise is going to be one of this drone’s main features. It may take a few more months or years before an actual unit becomes operational, but the bladeless drone has potential to become the model for future drones!


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