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Best MicroSD Cards For Drones




Buying MicroSD cards for your drone can be confusing, so a YouTuber named Tom’s Tech Time broke it down and compared a handful of bestselling MicroSD cards. Most MicroSD cards are marketed with the memory card’s highest reading and writing speed potential, but testing that card will often give you slower results. Drone companies like DJI usually have a list of recommended MicroSD cards on their product’s main page, but getting the fastest possible card for a drone is often overkill. Transfer speeds will save you some time, so the most important thing to look for is the card’s write speed! If you are in the market for a new drone memory card, or you’re just interested in knowing the difference between MicroSD cards, then check out Tom’s MicroSD card comparison video:

How Were The MicroSD Cards Tested?

An external USB 3.0 card reader and programs like Crystaldiskmark were used to test the different memory cards. To compare the writing speed, a 4.1 GB video file was also transferred and timed on each MicroSD card.

The Slowest And Fastest MicroSD Cards For Drones

best microsd cardsbest micro sd cards

According to the YouTube video, the slowest MicroSD card was the Kingston Gold MicroSD card and the fastest card was the Sandisk Extreme Pro. The Kingston Gold MicroSD card had an advertised write speed of 45 MB/S and a read speed of 90 MB/S. The tested write speed for the Kingston card was only 37.7 MB/S and the read speed was only 75.77 MB/S. The Sandisk Extreme Pro’s advertised write speed was 90 MB/S and the read speed was 95 MB/S. The tested write speed for the Sandisk card was only 78.17 MB/S and the read speed was 79.66 MB/S. To get an idea of how fast these write speed times translate in real time, the Kingston Gold MicroSD card took 1 minute and 24 seconds to transfer a 4.1 GB file onto the memory card, whereas the Sandisk Extreme Pro only took 49 seconds to transfer that same file.

Other MicroSD Cards To Consider

Best MicroSD cards

Even though the Sandisk Extreme Pro was the fastest, it is also one of the most expensive cards. If you can get a Toshiba Exceria Pro, Samsung Pro, or a Verbatim MicroSD card for a great deal, then it’ll be sufficient enough for most 4K drone recording needs. The Samsung Pro and the Verbatim placed in the top 4, and they both were faster than their advertised writing speeds. The Samsung Pro MicroSD card had an advertised write speed of 60 MB/S, but the tested speed came in at 65.54 MB/S. The Verbatim MicroSD card had an advertised write speed of 45 MB/S, but the tested speed was actually 64.07 MB/S. If you are still looking for an alternative to the fastest MicroSD, then the Toshiba Exceria Pro is a great choice since its reading and writing times are similar to the Sandisk Extreme Pro.

MicroSD Card Warning!

fake microSD

Snapshot of vta1985’s YouTube video

Buying MicroSD cards on sites like eBay is a large gamble! Not only are fake cards regularly spotted on eBay, but some counterfeit memory cards past the initial speed test and stop working shortly after a purchase. When you are looking for MicroSD cards, stay away from deals that are too good to be true and only buy from legit sources!


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