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Best DJI beginner drone!




Flying drones for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience, but new drone pilots shouldn’t fear because most consumer drones today are designed to be beginner friendly. Since DJI drones have been leading in the consumer drone market, their quadcopters are highly recommended for first-time pilots or even professionals. Naturally, beginners will lean towards drones that are priced lower than $1000, so the Spark and the Mavic Air are two DJI quadcopters to seriously consider, especially since they’re easy to carry. Because drones are flown for different reasons, YouTuber The Everyday Dad explains which DJI beginner drone to get over the other in this video:

Spec differences


The Spark is currently being sold for $399, while Mavic Air is priced at $799. Even though the Spark is half the price of the Mavic Air, the latter model can shoot higher quality footage. For the sake of just flying around and getting the hang of piloting a quadcopter, the lower-priced Spark will give the most bang for the buck. If video footage and photography are the main factors, the Mavic Air would be the ideal quadcopter to get because it is designed to shoot 4K 60 fps videos and 32MP sphere panoramas.

beginner drone

DJI Spark now comes in the Line Friends Brown edition.


While the 300-gram Spark is lighter than the 430-gram Mavic Air, only the Mavic Air’s arms can be folded. Both drones are still designed to be travel-friendly, so they’re rated equal in terms of portability.

Screenshot from The Everyday Dad’s video shows a side-by-side comparison between the Mavic Air and the Samsung Galaxy S9.


Both drones operate via Wi-Fi, but the Mavic Air has enhanced Wi-Fi, so it has more consistent connection in crowded areas with a lot of interference.

Flight times

The Spark has a flight time rated at 16 minutes, while the Mavic Air’s flight time is rated at 21 minutes. In real world testing, We Talk UAV concluded that most drone pilots will get lower max flight times because drone manufacturers typically test their drones in controlled environments.

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