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Bentley Drone is a Futuristic Concept of Sci-Fi Vehicle




Bentley drone

We all know Bentley,  British luxury cars manufacturer. This concept is bringing a complete new level of luxury to the air, that is why the name of this drone is Bentley Skylounge.

The interior is as lux as you’d expect with a large lounge area and seats that transform into a bed position for full relaxation. The pilot seat in the front is lowered in order to guarantee a full panoramic view for the passengers while glass elements in the floor provide additional transparency to the giant panoramic greenhouse.
See More design elements in this gallery:

Vertical takeoff and landing, the craft takes passengers door to door without any additional infrastructure. We have seen some other passenger drones from Hoversurf, Ehang and Volocopter, but those are more or less real in comparison with Bentley drone. There is not much to say about the design, it’s screams futurism, but the only question is how are they going to make it work, and will they make it work at all?


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