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BeeBot Kit: The Wooden Drone




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BeeBot Kit is a wooden drone that can be assembled like a puzzle. Its remote is wooden, and the full kit is essentially ready to go. All you need to do is piece it together. You can buy this directly on kickstarter. The designer created this primarily for kids, but the unique design can be a fun drone to play around with for all ages, especially since it’s nearly indestructible.

Who Created The BeeBot Kit Wooden Drone?

The BeeBot kit was created by a Thailand native named Daruswat Ike Wattnarojjananikorn, and it was used as a project for a thesis. The wooden drone was designed to be child-friendly. The propellers are safely protected by a wooden prop guard. The guards are also fitted with an interlocking design, so multiple Beebot kits can be combined into one large drone.

beebot kit

Why Make It A Puzzle?

Since kids love puzzles and drones, BeeBot was created.

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BeeBot Kit : The Wooden Puzzle Drone

Why Wood?

Wood was used because they wanted the kids to “feel nature.” The natural color of the wood is also a neutral color that can serve as the perfect medium for kids to paint on. The wooden drone is also unique in terms of design. The wood makes it easy for the pilot to reassemble the parts together after a crash.

Hexagon Shape

This wooden drone can be snapped together thanks to magnets, and it can be combined with other BeeBots. This design was derived from a bee hive. The maker even said, “Each player can connect BEEBOTS in form of multiple BEEBOTS together in order to form a giant BEEBOT, not just one drone. This concept can encourage kids and everyone to join, communicate and share relationship and experience among each other.”

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How Much Does It Cost?

Early pledgers at Kickstarter can pick one of these BeeBot kits for $149, and it’ll cost $169 if you wait later. You can also purchase two of these for $260.

What Does It Come With?

The BeeBot Kit will come with a wooden remote controller, a charger, a paintbrush, five nontoxic and washable colors, and the wooden puzzle BeeBot itself.

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If creative puzzles and unique drones are what you are looking for, then the BeeBot Kit is the way to go. Flight time and other specs were not listed though. Since this was intended for kids ages 8 and up, do not expect it to be an everyday drone replacement. This was created merely for fun and to spark creativity. Since the earliest shipment is scheduled for December, this might be the perfect Christmas gift for any kid with a knack for puzzles and drones!


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