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Bboy dancer creates “smallest electric VTOL flying car!”




One prototype included a hoverboard style design where the pilot had to stand directly on top of the aircraft.

“Million dollar companies are doing this with a huge team of engineers and unlimited funding. This is a personal project of mine and many said im crazy to take on this challenge specially im self taught only…,” stated Mendiola in a YouTube video description. “But i believe a single individual is capable of many things if you really put your mind heart and soul to accomplish your goals. This is for all the Big Dreamers out there, never stop pursuing and make all your dreams come true…”

A glimpse of future transportation

Koncepto Millenya was also created with hopes of one day becoming a viable commuting option in traffic-ridden cities. Mendiola expressed plans on creating a two-seater variant, and Kapuso Mo stated that he is already scheduled to meet with investors to talk about mass production.

Even though the one-man aircraft can fly, Koncepto Millenya is navigated by a consumer drone-like controller, so the design might undergo another change before it can be seen flying in major cities. Regardless, Koncepto Millenya’s open field flight showed transportation potential, and it still stands out because it all started as a DIY project.

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