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Bboy dancer creates “smallest electric VTOL flying car!”




Bboy dancer, gymnast, inline filmmaker, innovator and self-taught drone car inventor Kyxz Mendiola completed his first open field test flight earlier this month using Koncepto Millenya, a one-man electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Mendiola called Koncepto Millenya the “Philippines first flying car” in a Facebook post, and footage of the successful test flight can be seen through a video he uploaded on his YouTube channel:

It is sort of like a flying car that uses drone or multi-copter technology to fly,” said Mendiola in a Philippine TV news show called Kapuso Mo. “It’s like a drone car.”

“Flying Car” Specs

The VTOL aircraft has a flight time rated up to 15 minutes, and its frame is built with aluminum and carbon fiber. The battery-operated VTOL aircraft takes 2.5 hours to charge, and it is currently designed to carry a payload or a pilot up to 220 pounds.

Koncepto Millenya’s 16 motor and battery redundancy system is built to optimize safety.

Trial and error

When Mendiola first started his project, he bought wrong parts and some materials even burned while testing.

flying car

Screenshot from Kapuso Mo.

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