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BBC Makes Drones Look Bad – The Worst Scenario

Derrick Threatt



BBC Drama

If you believe the BBC, or at least a BBC dramatical series – drones are the most dangerous things out there.

A new episode of the popular Casualty series – marking the 30th anniversary of the program – features a catastrophic crash of a helicopter ambulance. And the cause of the crash? Wait for it – a drone. Forget about the aeronautical improbability. Just watch, in open-mouthed shock:

Crazy, huh? That’s certainly the opinion of a lot of people who are posting to the Casualty Facebook page. One of the comments – which has received some 450 likes as of publication time, states the following:

I’m not an aeronautical engineer, but this video is so out of scientific accuracy. A few kgs flying drone will be pushed away straight to the ground by the air current produced by helicopter’s main propeller WHEN HOVERING AT A CERTAIN ALTITUDE, NOT FLYING IN A CERTAIN TRAJECTORY.”

Others suggest the BBC is trying to exploit current public concerns over drones and aviation safety, which have been fueled by isolated but widely reported stories about drones being spotted close to airports.

“I understand the use of exaggeration to make a point but this was embarrassingly comical for a drama,” wrote another person on Facebook. “Please don’t treat the public like we’re idiots by trying to squeeze the last little bit of energy out of the drone scare.”

The BBC? It’s pretty pleased with the episode – and the filming. In fact, it has also posted a “making of” video – seen here:

Remember this, folks:

It’s drama, not reality.


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