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The Real Life Guys flies to restaurant in Bathtub drone




bathtub drone

The Real Life Guys are YouTubers who released an indoor flight test of their homemade bathtub drone on Christmas 2017, and now they’ve taken their same aircraft outdoors. Their latest upload is an edited video showing a drawn-out idea become a reality. The Real Life Guys depicted a pilot manning and flying the bathtub drone to a restaurant. Here is the bathtub drone in action:

Bathtub drone

The video showed the pilot making a choice between a car and his aircraft. He ended up tossing the car keys out and jumping inside his DIY bathtub drone. Once the aircraft lifted off the ground, it flew forward and proved that their creation works. The pilot was depicted flying across an empty field. He then parked his vehicle in front of a German restaurant called Kopps. The pilot ordered his food, went back outside and rotated the bathtub to fly back home. Since the bathtub lacked wheels, the pilot had to manually change the direction of his aircraft before hopping back into it. The bathtub drone was easy to move around, so at least he didn’t have to worry about parking.

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