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Autonomous Drones Pop Up In Dubai – Taxi Anybody?




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Have you signed up for your own personal drone to fly you around the city yet? Well, if you live in Dubai, in July 2017, you will. It will be as simple as hailing a cab because, in fact, it will be taxi cabs that will fly you to your destination. Chinese company Ehang 184 passenger drone will be the company that gets you there.

Autonomous Drone In Testing Phase

The Ehang 184 is already in its testing phase with the drone allegedly seen flying around Dubai skies although no one can confirm whether there is a human being in the drone or not.  This point was later confirmed by Chairman and Executive Director of Roads and Transport Authority chief Mattar al-Tayer who presides over the Dubai Taxi Corporation

Autonomous Drone Dubai

The Ehang 184 more recently made an appearance at the CES 2017 Convention that recently happened in Las Vegas.  While the vehicle was more in a prototype stage, much has changed since that point. For one thing, the vehicle will now allow a person up to 260 pounds as well as a small suitcase. The distance is all of 30 minutes with a maximum speed of 160 KPH.  The vehicle will be autonomous which means just strapping yourself in and picking a spot on the map on a touchscreen in front of you for the vehicle to fly to. All communication is done via a 4G network and a ground control.

Autonomous Drones And The Elements

While the idea of flying to get around traffic jams is very tempting, one has to ask about such conditions as weather and aircraft malfunction. “The AAV is designed to operate under all climatic conditions unless there is a thunderstorm. The vehicle is fitted with highly accurate sensors with a very low error threshold and can resist vibrations and extreme temperatures,” said Mr. Al Tayer is quoted saying to The  The system will also take into account such scenarios as a catastrophic failure and plot a course for a safe landing.

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The Ehang 184 is no stranger to We Talk UAV as it was featured recently at CES Convention 2017. However, the Ehang is not the only Flying Car on the market. Uber has also slipped its beak into this concept with traveling from San Francisco’s Marina District to San Jose trek. The idea would be to take the trip from 1 Hr 40 Min drive to 15 minutes. Who wouldn’t want to pay for the quick travel time?


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