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Autel showcases EVO drone at CES 2018





The first thing that comes to mind with Autel’s newest drone is its similar physical characteristics to the DJI Mavic. It may look and fold the same as the Mavic, but it flies different. EVO, or the evolution of flight, is regarded by Autel as their first portable aircraft. Besides its 4K at 60 fps capability and its controller with a built-in OLED screen, EVO stood out as a foldable quadcopter that hovered nearly completely still without GPS, even when the Autel representative laid the controller down to answer questions.

EVO specs

Autel’s newest quadcopter is ready to fly straight out of the box, and it comes with a Styrofoam case for travelling. It can travel up to 4.34 miles away, and it runs on 2.4 ghz and 900M dual bands for optimal HD image transmission. Pilots can operate the drone without a mobile phone by using the 3.3’ 720p OLED display. It has intelligent flights modes, obstacle avoidance, 3D mapping and tracking capabilities. It is rated with a 30 minute flight time. The EVO can stay in place while it hovers thanks to its two sonar sensors and two cameras underneath its frame. The two lower cameras take pictures and sends it to the computer where it works in conjunction with the sensors to build a 2D map. It also has obstacle avoidance on the back and front. The obstacle avoidance works by creating a 3D construction map.


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