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Autel Evo – Is it a bluff?




Autel Evo

Autel Evo pros

We Talk UAV made a list of what drone companies need to create in order to compete with DJI, and Autel’s Evo checks off in the features department. With a top speed of 44.7 mph, the Evo was created to be the fastest foldable drone in its class. The Evo is also designed with an operating frequency that isn’t available on DJI drones, which means it has a better chance at flying to distances up to 4.3 miles with minimal interference. The new Autel drone also has built-in safety features like obstacle avoidance and computer vision cameras placed on the bottom of the drone. The controller is also made with a 3.3-inch OLED screen that can operate up to 3 hours.

Autel Evo cons

Autel hasn’t officially stated what the Evo’s camera sensor size will be, but according to YouTuber Drone Valley, the Evo will be released with three different camera options: 360-degree camera, 1” sensor and a 1 /2.3” sensor. Instead of having a swappable camera design, Drone Valley reported that Autel will intentionally release three models of the same drone but with different cameras.

Even though the Evo is packed with standout features and a travel-friendly design, its 863-gram weight is twice as much as a Mavic Pro.

Autel Evo

After waiting for over five months, it’s easy to call Autel’s “coming soon” release date a bluff. If the Evo actually does release soon, then it has potential to be a real competitor in the drone market. With DJI dominating the consumer drone market, new drones from other companies like Autel is good news since it can only result in lowered prices and improved technology.

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