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Autel Evo – Is it a bluff?




Autel Evo

When Autel showcased their new 4K 60 fps foldable quadcopter at CES in January 2018, it was clear the Evo would be released as a direct competitor to the DJI Mavic Pro. Even though some YouTubers claimed Autel’s new drone would not be a “Mavic Killer,” the drone’s features would have given DJI a run for their money. With drone technology developing so fast, the problem lies in timing; DJI has released the Mavic Air, and there are rumors of the Mavic 2 and the Phantom 5 in the works, so companies that release drones with similar features as older DJI products means their drones can get outdated fast.

With a 3-axis motorized gimbal, a transmitter range rated at 4.4 miles and a portable design, the Autel Evo has great potential as a breakthrough product in the consumer drone market, but after five months, the Evo is still unavailable to buy. B&H Photo has priced the Evo pre-order at $999, but the actual shipping date has yet to be announced.

Autel Evo

Problems with a late release

The delayed release of Autel’s new drone gives DJI more time to create new technology for even newer drones. Even if the Evo is released soon, We Talk UAV believes DJI may just lower the price of the Mavic Pro and release a teaser for a newer drone in the near future.

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