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Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones Are Game Changers




Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones

Atlas Dynamics is a startup company that has aimed to change the face of the UAV market with unique drone designs at an accessible price. This aerospace company brought engineers from the fields of satellite and aerospace into the drone world. They partnered with a camera company called Yi Technology to create an affordable prosumer drone called the Yi Erida. This tricopter flies on three motors, and it can reach speeds of about 75 mph! Their Atlas Pro drone shares a similar tricopter design as the Yi Erida, but its components are entirely different because it is made for professionals. Atlas Dynamics even created a fixed wing UAV called the Blue-J. The Atlas Pro can also be recharged in no time with their new NEST smart charging station. With a knack for innovating quality products, Atlas Dynamics’ new drones are the next generation UAVs.

Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones

Atlas Pro with NEST smart charging station.

Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones : Yi Erida

The Yi Erida was created with a highly aerodynamic approach. The three motor design was made with efficiency in mind. Less drag, less weight, and less electricity means more fly time. This drone has a full carbon fiber body, which is five times stronger than steel. It can fly up to 40 minutes with its 3.5 pound weight. Originally, the Yi Erida was shown to be controlled via mobile phone app only, but a controller that can reach as far as 2.17 miles will be available.

Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones

The Yi Erida is a project between Atlas Dynamics and Yi Technology, so the release date and sale price weren’t given out in We Talk UAV’s interview with Atlas Dynamics. Even though the Yi Erida was expected to be released last March, Guy Cherni, the CMO of Atlas Dynamics, hopes that it will be launched in the “near future.”

Atlas Dynamics and Yi Technology may be different companies, but both of them aim to create outstanding products at affordable prices. When We Talk UAV asked the price of the Yi Erida at CES 2017, Atlas Dynamics said that it will be in the range of $1000.

Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones : Atlas Pro

The Atlas Pro is a professional tricopter versatile enough to be used in various industries. The Yi Erida and Atlas Pro drones may be comparable in terms of design, but the internals are different. The Atlas Pro has three available camera options. The first camera can be used in the day with a 10X zoom. The second camera can be used in the day or in the night. The third camera has thermal vision, but it can still be used in the day. The Atlas Pro can fly up to 87 mph and go as far as 31 miles away. It has a 55-minute flight time, but a NEST smart charging station can automatically change the drone’s battery. Price inquires and more information about this drone can be found on Atlas Dynamics’ official site.

Atlas Dynamics’ New Drones: Blue-J

The Blue-J is a fixed wing UAV suited for security and inspection missions. It has the capability of flying up to six hours and an operational range of 93 miles. The Blue-J also utilizes a full carbon fiber body, and it has an 11.48-foot wing span. This isn’t the average, everyday fixed wing drone; it’s designed for homeland security needs.

With a diverse range of performance drones built with carbon fiber, Atlas Dynamics is making a name for themselves. The Atlas Pro drone is already being sold to US and European distributors, so the Yi Erida might truly be released in the near future. Even though this is a new company, Guy Cherni explained that Atlas Dynamics is dedicated to bringing the “best drone platform that was ever made to anyone who can benefit from it.”


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