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Atlas Dynamics announces partnership with Luxriot





On January 29, 2018, Atlas Dynamics, a next-generation aerospace company who created the Yi Erida and Atlas Pro, announced a new partnership with Luxriot, a developer of a prominent video management software for security and video surveillance. Their partnership will ensure the development of a drone-based solution for defense, security and first response markets.

“These are three key markets that are experiencing a significant increase in both applications and enthusiasm for professional-grade UAV solutions, and Atlas has proven its know-how in this arena,” said Ainars Svirskis, Business Development Manager for Luxriot. “The Atlas Pro outperforms any other system currently available. Combining Atlas’s drone platform with our sophisticated security and surveillance video management software, we are confident that we will be able to provide reliable, robust solutions that will allow defense, security and first response professionals to perform their duties safely, efficiently and as thoroughly as possible.

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