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You Are Not Alone, Even Army Has Drone Flyaways




Army drone flyaways

In the latest story of drone flyaways, the U.S. Army had its own version of Return to Home failure to the tune of $1.5 million. Showing that the Army is not immune to the sudden mishaps of technology, the drone became lost during a loss of connection with the Ground Control during a training session. It will later make a trek of going in a Northeasterly direction covering three states in which time the Army will not know what happened to it.

Army drone flyaways

The start to this drone’s big adventure is in Coachise County, 15 miles north of the Mexican Border in the Arizona desert at the Army Intelligence Center in Fort Huachuca, Arizona for which soon would become a national news story. The training mission was made in accord with the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat team, 2nd Infantry Division-vision from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington when the Ground Station disruption occurred.

Where Can This Drone Be?

When a drone of this caliber goes missing, there is much to consider. Known as The Shadow drone, the drone itself can fly up to nine hours at a time. It also has a wingspan of 20 feet as well as a 58-liter fuel capacity. The range itself can go for 134 miles and weigh 450 pounds. Add such “Geo-Fencing” such as the restriction that would go around the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and the drone can scatter in a multitude of directions.


Early on in the missing drone case, the Army was unable to determine what happened to it as well as the direction.  “Despite considerable efforts to locate the missing Shadow, it has not been found and is thought to have disintegrated upon impact somewhere in the local area,” the Army said in a statement as quoted on Armytimes. The drone, however, did not disintegrate and but would suffer the same fate that many drone owners find themselves in. In there would lie the happy ending of the tale of the lost drone.

According to CBS News in Denver, the drone while missing was found by a hiker in a tree area. The damage had occurred as the drone was found in the tree tops with a wing missing in the Colorado Mountains on Thursday Afternoon. It was lost on Tuesday. In fact, troops from Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs were helping with the drone recovery effort when it was located in the foothills near Evergreen, an area west of the Denver metro area. The good news about the drone being found is that the Army can best determine what course of flight it took and what went wrong.

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