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Are We Happy Moving Towards A Future With Permanent ‘Eyes in the Sky’?




Are constantly flying drones any different to satellites?

Satellites have been a constant present in our skies for decades and can deliver high quality photos from nearly anywhere on Earth. The difference is that satellites capture images as they pass around the globe and cannot remain fixed on a single point for a long period of time. Drones can follow around and move through spaces in ways that satellites simply cannot.

If societies are not cool with this, how should they respond?

There will be those out there who see this as no big deal or just an inevitability of the technology. To some extent, the cat is already out of the bag; the technology is here.

What can protect the public from unwanted monitoring is strong legislation, safeguards and independent oversight. There has already been plenty of legislation drafted (brief background here) related to this area in the United States. With the technology rapidly developing, we are likely to see plenty more rules put in place in the near future.

If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of this type of future, let your public representative know about it.

What are your views about drones and surveillance? Let us know!

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