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Apple Deploys Security Team to Keep Campus Secure from Drones




apple's new campus

When asked by publication Market Watch as to whether or not Apple was a current client of the company a spokesperson for Dedrone would neither confirm nor deny this.

Dedrone isn’t the only player in the field of drone neutralization technology. Another firm is Skysafe which is currently working with the United States Department of Defense to provide anti-UAV technology to the US Navy.

In the United States it is currently illegal to shoot down a drone but it is acceptable to locate the drone’s owner according to Market Watch.

For his videos, Sinfield typically uses drones from the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer drones, People’s Republic of China-based DJI. While his drone videos are popular with Internet users, Apple’s concern seems to be related to corporate security and campus safety. While much of the law concerning drone use is underdeveloped in the United States, it is expected this will change in the future as drone use proliferates.

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