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Apple and Drones-The Latest Partnership?




The latest secret in the Apple camp suggestions using drones in its arsenal to compete with Google in the Map apps department. Originally, when Apple launched its version of Maps in 2012, it was to incorporate Siri to give verbal information by dictation according to Mashable in 2012.  Apple took Google maps off to offer with the iPhone. However, time was not so kind and Google shown that it had a superior product and Google maps was soon to make a reappearance on the iPhone with Apple eating a lot of digital crow. Had Apple learned anything from this experience?Google maps

“There’s a huge data-quality issue there, and I don’t think we initially appreciated all the kinds of technology we would need to do that on an ongoing basis,” Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, told Fast Company earlier this year.

Indeed, misidentification of important landmarks such as hospitals being misidentified as a grocery store or even worse an airport address not being accurate was some of the obstacles that had to be addressed. So what has Apple done to update the information in real time?

Flash forward to 2016

Apple has assembled a team of data collection experts and robotics to capture and update map information. This step is revolutionary as the current step is to use existing camera and sensor minivans according to Bloomberg News.

The incorporation of drones would be used to track any real time changes to roads as well as see of any areas are under construction. All data is sent to teams at Apple which would in turn update the Apps for users. Why this is important is in the past both Waze and Google Maps would provide information leading users down dead end streets. Drone technology can be just the catalyst to allow information to be captured more efficiently and more in real time fashion. In fact, Apple has gone so far as to file an exemption for flying drones with the FAA for commercial purposes on Sept 21, 2015 according to Bloomberg news. That exemption was later provided and approved by the FAA in March 2016. 

drone traffic jam

Additional improvements will also allow iPhone users to navigate the inside of such public places as airports and museums just in case signs are not good enough. Best of all, there will be a mode added for public transportation. If that wasn’t enough, the platform would incorporate such services and Uber and Open Table.

If this has not gotten you, the user dependent apps enough, consider this point: Apple is also working on a feature to include better guidance for changing lanes. The indoor tracking would include utilizing such technologies as Blue Tooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. All of this is scheduled for 2017. Like many updates though, there are always setbacks.Apple Maps

If you purchased the iPhone 7, you may be in for a disappointment as Apple has been reported to develop the mega iPhone 8, a product that has many suggesting that it will blow out the competition according to CNBC. Will the incorporation of the Apple app help cure many consumers of their apathy for the iPhone 7? As the iPhone is one of Apple’s flagship products one has to wonder how many variations of the same product one can develop to make the consumer want more. Apple may be betting that Apple maps will be just the thing consumers want in 2017.

by Ben Walford

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